Treatment Descriptions


The VACURECT™ is intended for use by men experiencing Erection Problems and difficulty to achieve and/or maintain an erection suitable for intercourse.

The VACURECT™ works by using the simple process of creating a vacuum and thereby pulling the non-erect penis through a silicone tension ring into a tube. The vacuum inside the tube then causes blood to be drawn into the penis. The penis fills with blood and becomes erect.

The vacuum tube is then released from the tension ring at the base of the penis that maintains the erection. After intercourse, the tension ring is removed to allow the blood to return to the body.

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The VACURECT™ can be used for penile rehabilitation pre- and post-radical prostatectomy.
 can also be used to preserve penile length in inflatable penile prosthesis, pre-operation procedure, diabetes and Peyronie’s disease.

By creating a vacuum, the VACURECT™ draws blood into the penis, increases oxygenation and induces dilation of penile tissue.

How to use the Vacurect as REHABILITATION DEVICE:

Step 1

  • A larger tension ring than normally used for penetration must be used for rehabilitation purposes. If the largest sizes tension rings, L or 1, are used for penetration a special rehabilitation ring can be ordered from your distributor.  

Step 2

  • Apply sufficient lubricant on the ring as well as on the head of the penis to ensure that the penis will quickly and smoothly slide through the ring and not stick to the inside of the tube while becoming erect.

Step 3

  • Place the vacuum tube with the lubricated ring over the penis and press it firmly against your body at the base of the penis.
  • Begin pumping by using full and brisk strokes for maximum efficiency.
  • When an erection has been achieved, keep the vacuum tube in place to maintain the erection for at least 1 minute.
  • Remove the vacuum tube and allow the blood to flow back into your body.

Step 4

  • Repeat step 3 ten to fifteen times, or as prescribed by your physician


By using the VACURECT™ for penile rehabilitation and to treat your Erection Problems, you are choosing the safest, simple, most effective Vacuum Erection Device on the market today. Over 96% of men using the VACURECT™ are able to achieve and maintain an erection suitable for intercourse and many doctors and physiotherapists now prescribe the Vacurect for penile rehabilitation. With the VACURECT™ you are in control, you determine when, how long, and how often you want to be intimate.

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