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VACUUM THERAPY - VACURECT™ the innovative Penile Rehabilitation and Vacuum Erection Device
Impotence or Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a global medical condition that affects men of all ages.

The causes of erection problems are varied. In many cases vacuum therapy is the only treatment available for men who do not want to or cannot use medication or invasive surgical measures to address their erection problem.

The treatment options for erection problems include medication, surgery, implants and vacuum therapy. Due to its positive benefits, vacuum therapy enjoys increasing popularity and is considered by many medical specialists as the first line of treatment for erection problems. Vacuum therapy is a very effective, affordable, non-invasive method of treatment.

Vacuum Therapy was previously mainly used to induce an artificial erection for penetration only. However, research has shown that a Vacuum Erection Device can preserve and improve erectile function for cancer patients pre- and post-radical prostatectomy. The Vacurect can also be used for penile rehabilitation by diabetics or other erection problems due to high blood pressure, cholesterol etc.

The exceptionally compact and easy-to-use VACURECT™ is setting a standard that is already restoring intimacy and erectile function to thousands of satisfied couples across the globe.

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One Piece System

The VACURECT™ is the only one piece system available on the market. Unlike traditional style vacuum devices that use rubber band style rings, the VACURECT™ uses a unique tension system to maintain the erection throughout intercourse.